• Metroleta

    We are about the Impossible

    Our simple goal:

    beat global warming *



    * (Hey Wats, isn't this an awesome home page mission?)

    We are Metroleta
    We are Metroleta.
  • Global warming is the greatest threat we face

    And we owe it to our children to solve it today


    We at Metroleta, have committed our lives towards the improvement of the social condition. After years of quiet research and development to solve this unparalleled existential threat, we think we have a solution that will benefit all.

    A Technology Company
    A Green Company With New Technology Muscle
  • Present/Future

    We are developing Green Technology and Artificial Intelligence...

    For environmentally-friendly solutions to global warming


    Metroleta Corporation is a technology company focused on creating tools that will help solve environmental and social problems.

    We are currently doing deep R&D on advanced green-technology and artificial intelligence to develop devices that will reduce harmful emissions like carbon dioxide and methane to protect the atmosphere.

    The Future of Green Technology
    Developing Green Technology and Artificial Intelligence
  • Many Years in the Making

    For almost 2 decades our founders have labored diligently and quietly. Doing extensive, exciting, and oftentimes frustrating, research and development.

    They are close to realizing their goals.

    Soon, we'll be able to filter out those nasty pollutants from dirty fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

    Years in the making
    It's taken almost 2 decades to develop our device.

    We are building a device that will eliminate harmful things (like carbon dioxide and methane) from the air we breathe

    We really don't want to breathe all of those emissions from burning oil, petroleum, coal. You know... the nasty fuels that can cause cancer, acid-rain, bad personality.

    Our goal is for DragonFly (codename for our device), once fully operational, to reduce pollutant emissions from those nasty fuels by over 90%. 

    Our Solution
    How we'll beat Global Warming
  • Are we there yet?


    First, we need to  expand our team

    We're looking for a few exemplary individuals who want to make a difference.


    Are We There Yet?
    Getting this to market soon!
  • A Rare Opportunity

    Here's your chance

    To make a difference on a global scale

    Join us

    The impact of Metroleta's technology will be global.
    And profound.

    The nature of our device will affect the environment everywhere our device is deployed.

    And we will need a dedicated and passionate crew to pull it off.


    Opportunity Knocks
  • We're building our team

    We're searching for


    We know you're out there.

    We're looking for individuals who have a thirst for knowledge. Who can function at their best constantly.

    Who understand the environmental, social, and economic implications of the opportunity that Metroleta has to offer.


    Teams We're Building

    We demand very high standards in everything we do

    And we expect even higher from our people

    We need our team to be agile and highly skilled

    And only high-quality training can produce that

    Our mentor program builds skills rapidly. It is the kind of education that produces a polished, highly-skilled, professional individual.

    All individuals who join us (whether they're interns, entry-level, or experienced) are mentored and given the right skills in order to be exceptionally good at their roles within the team.

    We believe that this elevates our team's performance to the highest standards of ethics, skills, and experience.

    Metroleta Mentorship
    High-quality skills require high-quality training
  • Education

    Our road ahead is an exciting one

    We will need highly skilled people

    We need people with passion

    Continuing high-quality education is a philosophy that we deeply believe in--it allows us to take the long-term view.

    It is the cornerstone of Metroleta's culture.

    We believe in growing our own team and providing them with the necessary skills to build their careers with. That is why we invest in educating our people, and giving them the necessary skills before we ask them to tackle their tasks. Our hope is that our interns today will be prepared to become the managers and leaders of Metroleta tomorrow.

    A Long-Term View
    Our Philosophy
  • Contact Metroleta

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